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July 24  • 

New Online Digital Mapping Program at Kentucky

For blog readers considering an online GIS certificate or graduate degree, there's a new program at the University of Kentucky worthy of...

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July 24  • 

Marijuana Usage in Washington State

In a recent posts I reviewed a research report estimating the size of the Colorado marijuana market and reported results from a survey attempting to...

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July 18  • 

Will Colorado’s True Marijuana Usage Rate Please Stand Up

In my most recent post I looked at a study conducted by the Denver-based Marijuana Policy Group (MPG). They produced an estimate of the number of...

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July 14  • 

Colorado’s Missing Marijuana Tax Revenue

I was talking with some real estate investors from Santa Fe, New Mexico recently. They are thinking about moving to and investing in Colorado. The...

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June 26  • 

Speaking at the 2015 AASA Technology Conference

Mark your calendars! I will be one of the featured speakers at the 2015 Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association Technology...

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June 2  • 

The Chilcapamba Community in Ecuador

After a week in Quito and a weekend in Otavalo I traveled to a small indigenous community about 30 minutes by car from Otavalo. The name of the...

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May 14  • 

A View of the US from Ecuador: Shitty Food and Nowhere to Walk

Before leaving Quito I had a chance to have a good conversation with the proprietors of the hotel where I stayed. It was so satisfying for me because...

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May 10  • 

Adios Quito

Yesterday I left Quito after a wonderful 6 day visit and now I'm in Otavalo, a market town about 2 hours north of Quito by bus. My favorite...

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May 7  • 

Why Ecuador: 10 Reasons to choose Ecuador for study, travel or retirement

My wanderlust was reawakened this past spring while teaching a course entitled, "Geography of the World Economy" in the Hasan School of Business at...

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May 4  • 

Day 1 in Quito

Turns out that yesterday, Sunday May 3, was Mother's Day in Ecuador. Consequently, everything was closed and I wasn't able to find a decent meal upon...

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