Lesson 2

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Wed, Jan 14


  • Blog set-up
  • Survey


– Scatter Plots


  • Watch this TED Talk.
  • Go to the CIA World Factbook
  • Choose 10 countries.
  • Record the GDP – per capita (PPP) (under “Economy”) and Total Fertility rate (under “People and “Society”) for each of the 10 countries you selected. For example, in Mexico the GDP per capita is $15,600 and the Total Fertility rate is 2.29.
  • Create a scatter plot (by hand, using Excel, or you can use Zoho.com)
  • Post to your blog. List the countries you selected.
  • What did you learn? Post a comment to your blog – 1 or 2 sentences.


  • p. 471-474, Correlation


  1. Dylan Lile / January 18, 2015 at 10:21 pm / Reply

    So when I Posted my excel assignment #2 as a PDF on my WordPress Blog It put it as a link that you can click on to see the PDF. Is there a way to embed it right in the blog so that you open the blog you see the PDF? Or is this link on the blog an acceptable way of posting our assignment?

    • Justin / January 18, 2015 at 10:27 pm / Reply

      Hi Dylan. Thanks for posting this question. Linking to PDF is fine. Cheers, JH

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