Justin Holman is CEO of Aftermarket Analytics, where he leads efforts to develop cutting edge sales forecasting and inventory optimization technology for the Automotive Aftermarket. Prior to joining Aftermarket Analytics, Justin managed corporate consulting for the Strategy & Analytics division at MapInfo Corporation, leading major projects for retail clients including The Home Depot, Darden Restaurants, Bridgestone-Firestone, Sainsbury’s and New York & Company. Before that, Justin served as Vice President of Software Development at LogicTools, now part of IBM's supply chain application software group. Justin holds a B.A. from Claremont McKenna College, a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon and an Executive Management certificate from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.


  • Justin 10 years ago

    Here’s a video of a town hall style meeting with State Representative Leroy Garcia where they discuss Black Hills and their predatory behavior. http://youtu.be/S6iQWcPBSTY

  • Grant Robertson 10 years ago

    So, what happens if you just go ahead and install solar cells or solar hot water heaters on your roof without asking for “permission”?

    • Justin 10 years ago

      Well, you won’t get plugged into “the grid” for generating electricity and getting paid. Eventually, I suspect the Regional Building authorities or Black Hills would show up and rain on your parade. But, who knows. Sometimes asking forgiveness beats asking for permission. 🙂

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  • N white 7 years ago

    Yes! I am having a very similar issue from this monster monopoly of a corporation. I have just filed a complaint! I would like to pursue media action!

  • Mrs. Brown 5 years ago

    I totally agree im so tierd of blackhills i would honestly live without electricity ( if that didnt mean getting your house condemned for not being habitable) but anyway me and ny husband had just bought a fixer upper because it was cheap and well worth it well something came up and we didnt stay in it for almost a year well i guess some homeless people set up shop there and were stealing electricity, well when the time came for us to move back in we called blackhills to get our electricity turned back on and they said it was going to be like $985, so of course we asked why and they saud because we were stealing electricity , so we explained it wasnt us and to get proper documentation to prove it wasnt us, well in order to get that it was going to be 14days so we asked what we should do tell then , they said well either pay the bill and once we get the documentation we will reimburse you or you can just GO WITHOUT ELECTRICITY. So we paid the money got the paperwork sent it in and called them, but when we called them they told us they dont reimburse people and if we weren’t guilty of doing it we shouldn’t have paid it in the first place, so we never got the money back and had to pay a deposit to get it turned back on………… I just hope one day KARMA comes full force to these people.

    • Justin 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your story. Karma will eventually catch up to these crooks. I just hope it happens in my lifetime.

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