March 6  • 

Five Reasons to Choose the University of Buffalo

If you're considering a spatial career and wondering where you might find a strong geography program, I would urge you to take a very close look at...

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January 21  • 

2016 Rankings: Top 10 Online Master’s Programs in GIS

Based on comments, the majority of readers are most interested in online graduate programs and several new players have emerged just in the past...

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November 17  • 

Spatial Data Analysis is a Core Geography Skill. Is it misunderstood at AAG?

The other day a reader asked for information on careers in geography and I referred her to this page on the Association of American Geographer's...

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October 1  • 

The Supply and Demand Fraud

"There you go again." - Ronald Reagan, 1980. The conservative political columnist Thomas Sowell is back at it. He must have spent all of 15...

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September 18  • 

How to Contact a Professor and Potential Research Advisor

If you're thinking about going to graduate school in geography and you're a regular reader you know I promote the idea of finding the right professor...

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September 3  • 

Hooray for the new AAG President

In recent battles with some of geography's social theory gang (see Beware, Strikes Back, More Sorcery) I was reminded of the inane initiative led...

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August 28  • 

More Sorcery from the Empire of Social Theorists

Uncle Owen: "Do you speak Bocce?" Social Theorist: "Of course I do. It's like a second language to me. I'm also fluent in postmodernism and...

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August 27  • 

The Social Theorist Strikes Back

Last week I wrote a post warning my GIS-inclined readership to Beware of Social Theorists in Geography. Apparently this struck a nerve with some who...

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August 21  • 

Beware the Social Theorists in Geography

Dear Justin, I spoke with the Human Geography department because that was where I assumed my interests led. But then, while they didn't explicitly...

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August 17  • 

Graduate Studies at South Dakota or Miami of Ohio?

Hi, I would like to inquire about Master program in Geography. have been accepted into a graduate program in Geography at South Dakota State...

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