Lesson 7: Correlation

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Tue, Feb 14


  • Simple Regression
  • Sheets and XL Miner Add-On
  • Submit Simple Regression assignment (Lesson 6)



  • Correlation analysis
    • Use this data set:  East Pueblo RE Sales 2014-2016
    • Find correlations for Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Square Footage, DOM and Selling Price
    • Identify the variable with the strongest correlation to Selling Price (y)
    • Create a scatterplot for the identified variable (x) and Selling Price (y)
      • add trend line and label with equation and R-squared
    • Generate regression output (XL Miner) for the identified variable (x) and Selling Price (y)
      • highlight R-Squared, SSE and SSyy (Residual and Total, respectively) and Coefficients
    • Print results on 1 page to submit
    • Due Thu, Feb 16 in class


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