Exam 3 Part 1 (Take Home)

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Use the last digit of your PID to select a Ski Resort

  • 0 = Aspen
  • 1 = Breckenridge
  • 2 = Crested Butte
  • 3 = Keystone
  • 4 = Monarch
  • 5 = Purgatory
  • 6 = Steamboat Springs
  • 7 = Telluride
  • 8 = Vail
  • 9 = Wolf Creek

You’ve been hired by the [PID Location] Ski Resort as a Data Analyst. The General Manager (GM) of the resort invites you to his office on your first day.

  • GM: Welcome to [PID Location]!
  • You: Thanks, I can’t wait to get started.
  • GM: Good, I need you to estimate monthly snow fall for the upcoming ski season.
  • You: Wow. I’m not sure where to start.
  • GM: You can start by downloading climate data from NOAA.
  • You: Anything else?
  • GM: Yes, we have some Tree Huggers and Oil Executives on our Board of Directors. They’ve been arguing about Climate Change or Global Warming or whatever you want to call it. They asked me to get somebody to look at the same data type of climate data and run some tests to see if it has warmed up a lot here.
  • You: Should I set up a Hypothesis Test of some sort?
  • GM: Yeah, I guess so. It’s up to you.
  • You: Okay, I’ll do my best. When do you want me to have this done for you?
  • GM: I want you to present it to senior management on December 7th or 8th.
  • You: Man, this is the coolest job ever. I love getting paid to do statistics.

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