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Here are instructions for your Final Project.

Due date: Wed, Apr 29 at 5pm

Prepare an online profile (career-oriented) and use your blog as a work portfolio. Follow these steps.

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile (or use an existing LinkedIn profile).
    1. Build your profile, i.e., an online resume
    2. Connect to me on LinkedIn [optional]
  2. Identify a job advertisement of interest involving data analysis.
    1. Use SimplyHired or any other job posting service to find a job
    2. You don’t need to apply to the job or even qualify; just find an open position that looks interesting.
  3. Write a “Cover Letter” specifically for the position. The letter should be…
    1. Professionally written, i.e., relatively formal tone, check for typos, spelling errors and grammar.
    2. Describe the applicable data analysis skills you’ve acquired in this course.
    3. Save to PDF format for universal compatibility and easy printing.
    4. Only 1 page in length.
  4. Create a “Final Project” post on your blog.
    1. Link to your LinkedIn profile page.
    2. Link to the job description identified in Step #2.
    3. Link to the PDF file created in Step #3.
  5. Create a Twitter account (or use an existing Twitter account).
    1. Follow me on Twitter [optional]
    2. Compose a Tweet with a link to your “Final Project” blog page created in Step #4.
    3. Be sure to include @justinholman so I receive your tweet.
    4. Your tweet must be sent before the deadline.

That’s it!



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  2. Courtney Tafoya / April 27, 2015 at 3:32 pm / Reply

    Just in case, here is the link to my final project:

  3. Jordan Borrego / April 29, 2015 at 4:18 pm / Reply

    Just in case, here is the link to my final project as well:

  4. Paul Martin / April 29, 2015 at 6:00 pm / Reply

    Here a link to my final as well.

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