Momentum is Building in Pueblo!

March 18, 2014 at 11:00 am  •  Posted in Pueblo by  •  1 Comment

Momentum is building in Pueblo as some of the factors I’ve written about previously are beginning to play out right before my eyes.

Earlier this month Community Energy and Xcel announced plans to build the largest solar array east of the Rocky Mountains near the Comanche Power Plant on the south edge of Pueblo. To me this project, if executed properly, will solidify Pueblo’s rightful place as the solar energy capital of Colorado.

In addition, I’m hearing from more and more people who are becoming disenchanted with Denver’s traffic, sprawl and high prices. They’re looking for a smaller, less congested community with lower costs. Pueblo fits the bill perfectly.

Unfortunately, it looks to me like Denver is moving closer and closer to becoming the LA of the Mountain West. Pursuing growth for growth’s sake has consequences. You just can’t continue to issue construction permits everywhere. Pueblo still has an opportunity to prosper without following Denver’s unsustainable path of sprawl. Instead, Pueblo should look to examples of New Urbanism by promoting public transportation, walkable communities and urban growth boundaries to limit sprawl and a car-dependent culture.

I hope the momentum continues but when growth arrives I hope Pueblo follows a more sustainable path to prosperity.


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  1. Natalie / March 18, 2014 at 11:44 am / Reply

    Thank you so much for another great post, and for the pingback! 😉 -Natalie in Denver, CO

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