Lesson 2: Theories of Uneven Economic Development

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Thu, Jan 21


  • Syllabus
  • Guns, Germs and Steel – Episode 1


Jared Diamond’s theories on economic development presented in Guns, Germs & Steel

  • Not much economic disparity¬†during Hunter-Gatherer times
  • Agricultural Revolution in the Fertile Crescent
    • Why the fertile crescent? Wheat, Climate, Livestock
  • Food Surplus allowed specialization and technology development
    • Farming, animal domestication, steel, weapons
    • Imagine the transition from hunter to farmer to technologist
  • Geographic dissemination
    • Eurasia facilitated dissemination in comparable climates
    • Not so in Americas, Africa
  • Fertile Crescent was a “hot spot”
    • Where are other hot spots through history?
    • Where are the hot spots today?
  • Criticism


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