Lesson 1: Course Overview and Syllabus

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Next Lesson

Mon, Jan 18


  • Course Overview and Syllabus: Sp16-Syllabus-BUSAD360-Holman (PDF)
  • Grading procedure changes
    • Three 2-part midterm exams + final exam
    • Submit assignments with take-home project on exam days
    • No separate homework grade
    • Attendance & participation to be used as tie-breaker for borderline grade decisions
  • Technology use changes
    • Homework Blog
      • Pros: Great for collaboration, no paper
      • Cons: Grading challenges, inefficiencies
      • No HW blog this semester
    • Twitter (follow me @justinholman)
      • Pros: Great for collaboration, public forum for questions
      • Cons: Difficult to search, some students hate it
      • Twitter is Optional
    • Python & R
      • Pros: Key technologies used by the pros, some students (esp CIS majors) love it
      • Cons: Very challenging for non-CIS students
      • No programming required
    • Blackboard? Never.


Today is Martin Luther King Day. Listen to his last speech.

Here’s a short version.

Here’s the full speech (audio only):



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