Final Exam Guidelines

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The final exam will be a “take-home” exam. You may work together but you MUST do your own analysis and turn in your own work. If you were in class on Tuesday and paying attention you know what might happen otherwise.

All final exams must be printed and delivered to my HSB mailbox (see Kim Wharton upstairs) or emailed to me no later than 5pm Friday, December 13th. I suggest making a back-up copy to be safe. Electronic copies must be in MS Word or PDF format.

Opt-Out: As a reward for students who have done well on the first 3 exams, if you are satisfied with your current scores you may skip the final exam.  If you plan to skip the final you must send me an email and receive a reply from me with my explicit permission to opt out.  If you have missed one of the previous exams you will not be granted permission.  If your exam average is below 85% you will not be granted permission.

If you have taken all 3 exams, taking the final exam will NOT hurt your grade. It can only help (because I will drop your lowest score). 

I will post the Final Exam questions later tonight or tomorrow morning.  We will review the exam in class and you will have an opportunity to ask any and all questions.

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