Exam #3 Review

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For Exam #3 you need to be prepared to answer questions on the following topics.

Ch. 4 Probability

  • Define Experiment, Event, Independent Events, Mutually Exclusive Events
  • Define and calculate Sample Space
  • Build and interpret Joint Probability Tables

Ch. 6.2 Normal Distribution

  • Z-Scores – what are Z-scores, how are they calculated, how are they used.
  • Know how to use the Z-score look up table (page 193 or 794).
  • Calculating probabilities using the normal distribution curve.

Ch. 8 Statistical Inference

  • Point Estimate
  • Interval Estimate
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Use equation 8.1 (p. 260) to determine confidence intervals when standard deviation is known.
  • Use the t-statistic and understand how to use look up table with degrees of freedom (p. 795)
  • Use equation 8.3 (p. 269) to determine confidence intervals when standard deviation is unknown.
  • Know how to estimate sample size using equation 8.7 (p. 281)

Ch. 9 Hypothesis Testing

  • Null Hypothesis
  • Alternative Hypothesis
  • Rejection Region
  • Type I and Type II Error
  • p-value
  • Use of z-test and t-test in hypothesis testing

Like previous exams I will provide any necessary equations and/or look up tables (no need to memorize). But, you should be able to identify terms and what they represent.

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