Exercise #3

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Exercise #3, described below, is due in class on Tue, Sep 10th.

1. Complete Problems 2.30, 2.31, 2.32, and 2.33 on p 43-44

2. Use the black_7e_excel_database to complete the following.

  • Use graphical analysis to estimate the retail price of gasoline assuming a per-barrel spot price of $200.
  • Use graphical analysis to estimate average annual household food expenditures in Pueblo County.
  • Present appropriate graphs to support your estimates.


  1. Kellen Lask / September 5, 2013 at 7:38 pm / Reply

    So to concatenate in excel, use the ampersand (&) as in: [=A1&” -Under “&B1] to concatenate a number in A1 with the text ” -Under ” and a number in B1.

    To de-concatenate, specifically for a stem and leaf plot, use Left(cell, number) as in: [=Left(A1, 2)] which will take the first two digits of the number in A1.

    These two functions help a lot in Excel.

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