Exercise #1

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Your first exercise is described below. This exercise is due before class on Tues, Sep 3rd.  In-class time will be allocated, time permitting, to begin the assignment on Thu, Aug 29.

Please prepare your answers to the exercise questions using Microsoft Word or the equivalent and submit via email to [email protected] with the Word (.doc or .docx) file or a PDF version attached.

  1. Complete all Supplementary Problems 1.1-1.9  on pages 13-14.
  2. Download the nine databases in Excel format by clicking here: black_7e_excel_database
  3. Use the Excel database to complete Assignment questions 1-3 on page 16.

If you have trouble answering the questions you might want to read the Case Study about DiGiorno Pizza and the Case Solution.  Here’s a link to download the Case Solution: ch01-CaseSolutions. Note that this Case Study is not required material for this exercise; I mention it and include the solutions here simply as a an example that you may find useful for completing the exercise.

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