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September 23  • 

Why do you hate Pueblo West?

I'm teaching a real estate class this term at CSU-Pueblo and a couple weeks ago one of my students asked, "Why do you hate Pueblo West?" I...

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January 24  • 

Pueblo Police Officers Call Out Chief and City Manager for Incompetence and Cronyism

Earlier this month the Pueblo Chieftain published a story indicating 95% of Pueblo Police Officers have No Confidence in Pueblo Police Chief, Luis...

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November 18  • 

City Posted Assessment Notices on Veteran’s Day

Check this out. I've posted an image of the papers served by the City of Pueblo. And I mean tacked on the door, not mailed (according to my...

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October 3  • 

The Best Bell Game We Ever Lost

I closed my eyes and she slipped away. - Boston (1976) What a game. The 115th Bell Game was a great contest with momentum shifting back and...

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October 2  • 

The 115th Bell Game

POST GAME: I attended the game and wrote a recap with my take on the controversial final seconds. Last year I wrote a post in preparation for the...

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September 23  • 

Rethinking School Assessment: 10th Grade Math TCAP Performance in Pueblo

This will probably be the last post in my series on TCAP scores and Pueblo Schools. If this is the first you've seen of the series you might want...

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September 16  • 

Rethinking School Assessment: 7th Grade Math TCAP Performance in Pueblo

Did anyone notice the Chieftain softening its tone in their editorial this morning? They acknowledge that "external, socioeconomic factors" can...

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September 15  • 

Rethinking School Assessment: 3rd Grade Math TCAP Performance in Pueblo

In recent posts I have argued for a more nuanced approach to evaluating school performance in Pueblo. I also illustrated the strong negative...

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September 5  • 

Pueblo Fails to Provide Adequate Public Transportation to CSU Campus

I teach business statistics at CSU-Pueblo and at the beginning of classes this year I asked my students to complete a brief survey. I'm using the...

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August 6  • 

John Seme: A True Pueblo Hero

Pueblo is known as the Home of Heroes, referring to Pueblo's four Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. Here's a brief tribute to one of Pueblo's...

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