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August 19  • 

Colorado Ranks 49th in State Higher Education Funding

I was on campus at Colorado State University in Pueblo yesterday and had the privilege of listening to President Lesley DiMare and Provost Rick...

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July 18  • 

Will Colorado’s True Marijuana Usage Rate Please Stand Up

In my most recent post I looked at a study conducted by the Denver-based Marijuana Policy Group (MPG). They produced an estimate of the number of...

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July 14  • 

Colorado’s Missing Marijuana Tax Revenue

I was talking with some real estate investors from Santa Fe, New Mexico recently. They are thinking about moving to and investing in Colorado. The...

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September 23  • 

Rethinking School Assessment: 10th Grade Math TCAP Performance in Pueblo

This will probably be the last post in my series on TCAP scores and Pueblo Schools. If this is the first you've seen of the series you might want...

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September 12  • 

Math TCAP Performance Highly Correlated with % Free-Reduced Lunch

In my initial post on the topic of TCAP scores I pointed out that Pueblo District 60 Schools (D60) have more students who qualify for Free Lunch than...

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March 18  • 

Momentum is Building in Pueblo!

Momentum is building in Pueblo as some of the factors I've written about previously are beginning to play out right before my eyes. Earlier this...

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February 18  • 

The 3 Lessons I Learned After Accidentally Buying a Liquor Store

I bought a liquor store last was sort of an accident. No, I wasn't binge drinking at the time. I wasn't really shopping for a liquor...

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January 26  • 

The 4 “C” Factors Making Pueblo Colorado the Best Bargain in North America

[About 2 years ago I wrote a blog post about why I was relocating my family to Pueblo, Colorado. It's become one of my most popular posts and has...

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January 17  • 

Invasion of the Homeless Pot Heads

I read with horror in the Pueblo Chieftain today that recent legalization of recreational marijuana has brought a wave of homeless migration to...

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November 17  • 

Health Insurance Price Discrimination in Colorado?

As if the rollout of Obamacare wasn't sufficiently disastrous, we can now add the possibility of price discrimination to the growing list of problems...

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