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November 18  • 

City Posted Assessment Notices on Veteran’s Day

Check this out. I've posted an image of the papers served by the City of Pueblo. And I mean tacked on the door, not mailed (according to my...

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November 17  • 

Home of Heroes or Land Where Homes of Heroes are used for Public Extortion?

Last week, on Veteran's Day, I received notification from the City of Pueblo ordering payment of $1,588 for trash and weed abatement at a rental...

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October 1  • 

The Supply and Demand Fraud

"There you go again." - Ronald Reagan, 1980. The conservative political columnist Thomas Sowell is back at it. He must have spent all of 15...

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July 15  • 

Geography of the Pueblo Real Estate Market – Summer 2014 Snapshot

Here's a map I produced to help illustrate some of the neighborhood characteristics of the Pueblo Real Estate market. In a recent post I produced a...

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May 22  • 

Colorado PUC Allowing Black Hills Energy to Loot and Plunder in Pueblo

Black Hills Energy is the worst kind of corporate vampire. I see this first-hand as an owner of multi-family residential real estate in Pueblo...

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April 23  • 

The High Cost of Geographically Illiterate Economists

Today I read an article written by economist and columnist Thomas Sowell. The piece is entitled "The High Cost of Liberalism".  The article uses...

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June 28  • 

Over 1 Million Colorado Residents Live in High Fire Risk Locations

This year's explosive wildfire activity in Colorado is a reminder that during the housing boom many people built homes in risk-prone areas of the...

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March 23  • 

Banks are Destroying America’s Neighborhoods Part 2 – Response to Comments

Wow - I never expected that my post about Banks Killing America's Neighborhoods would attract so many readers.  I want to thank Daniel Roth for...

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March 19  • 

Map of the Best Bargains in Sunshine

In recent blog posts I generated a list of the Top 25 Sunniest US Cities Ranked by Housing Cost and I explained my methodology in another post.  I...

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March 16  • 

Three Ideas that Might Help Resolve the Housing Crisis

Dear President Obama (and Governor Romney), I know that you would like to be re-elected (elected) this year and you've probably been thinking...

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