March 10  • 

Marijuana and Homelessness in Pueblo: Show me the Data

An editorial printed Thursday, March 9th by the Pueblo Chieftain states, No, marijuana is not the only cause of homelessness, but there's an...

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October 24  • 

Eight Reasons Pueblo Should Vote No on 200 and 300

I received my ballot yesterday. I can't wait to move beyond this bizarre election. November 9th can't come soon enough. In the meantime, I feel...

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October 22  • 

“Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo” Making False Claims About Crime

One of the most contentious issues for voters in Pueblo this election season involves the future of retail marijuana. A group associated with the...

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September 23  • 

Why do you hate Pueblo West?

I'm teaching a real estate class this term at CSU-Pueblo and a couple weeks ago one of my students asked, "Why do you hate Pueblo West?" I...

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January 24  • 

Pueblo Police Officers Call Out Chief and City Manager for Incompetence and Cronyism

Earlier this month the Pueblo Chieftain published a story indicating 95% of Pueblo Police Officers have No Confidence in Pueblo Police Chief, Luis...

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November 18  • 

City Posted Assessment Notices on Veteran’s Day

Check this out. I've posted an image of the papers served by the City of Pueblo. And I mean tacked on the door, not mailed (according to my...

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November 17  • 

Home of Heroes or Land Where Homes of Heroes are used for Public Extortion?

Last week, on Veteran's Day, I received notification from the City of Pueblo ordering payment of $1,588 for trash and weed abatement at a rental...

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October 3  • 

The Best Bell Game We Ever Lost

I closed my eyes and she slipped away. - Boston (1976) What a game. The 115th Bell Game was a great contest with momentum shifting back and...

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October 2  • 

Bell Game Live Blog

Here's my recap and take on the final seconds. Final score 27-24. Cats win but very controversial finish. Bell rings blue. :( Bullshit. Refs...

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October 2  • 

The 115th Bell Game

POST GAME: I attended the game and wrote a recap with my take on the controversial final seconds. Last year I wrote a post in preparation for the...

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