No Class Today (Wed Nov 2)

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No class today, Wed Nov 2.

Don’t forget the special election assignment. I’ve reproduced it here for your convenience.

Voter estimation exercise – Due in class on Monday Nov 7

  • Estimate total number of votes cast in Pueblo County
    • For President of the United States
    • For US Senate (Bennet vs Glenn)
    • For US Representative to Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District (Tipton vs Schwartz)
  • Estimate % votes cast in Pueblo County
    • For Hillary Clinton
    • For Donald Trump
    • For Bennet
    • For Glenn
    • For Tipton
    • For Schwartz
    • For (vote Yes) Proposition 200
  • Explain your methodology
  • Hint:


  1. Rique Lucero / November 5, 2016 at 12:21 pm / Reply

    I am lost. I’m going to have something to hand in, but I don’t know exactly where to begin with this assignment. I’ve been to, and a lot of other sites. Lots of information out there, so much that I think I’ve confused myself with what I need and don’t need as useful information.
    I don’t know if i’m giving anything away, but I was going to review the past voting results, get a mean from that information and begin from there. Am i going in the right direction? Any more hints would be greatly appreciated.

    • Justin / November 6, 2016 at 12:02 pm / Reply

      Hi Rique,
      Yes, you’re going in the right direction. You can use historical data, recent/current polling data and anything else you think is a valid source of data. Part of the idea here is to encourage you to put your best foot forward with an incomplete set of information.

      • Rique Lucero / November 6, 2016 at 3:11 pm / Reply

        Awesome! There is a lot of data that I’ve collected, I’d like to get a meeting with you, just so I can go over how all this fits together. I hope we go over this in depth in class, I’d be great to see how it’s done properly.


        Rique Lucero

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