Exam 2

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Exam 2 on Wed, Mar 16

Part 1 Take Home Instructions:


The last digit of your PID determines your data set. Filter out all “0” records and copy/paste all “1” records to a new worksheet for analysis.


  • Use your assigned data set to build the best possible multiple regression model.
  • The model should be able to accurately forecast 2015 single family real estate prices in Pueblo.
  • Your final model will be evaluated for accuracy and part of your exam score will be based on accuracy.
  • Produce and Print the Regression Output for your final model.

Executive Summary:

  • Prepare a 1-page summary of your regression analysis and your final model.

Bring a print copy of your final model Regression Output and the 1-Page Executive Summary to the in-class exam (Part 2) on Wed Mar 16. 

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