Exam 1 Results

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Mon, Feb 22

Exam 1 Results

  • mean = 77.6
  • standard deviation = 18.1
  • median = 81.0
  • n = 86



I will accept corrections this week only for up to 50% credit back on points lost. Corrections must be submitted at the HSB front desk no later than 2:30pm on Thu, Feb 25. You must provide a cover page with instructions, describing what section(s) of the exam you are correcting and what you’ve done to address mistakes or omissions. If I can’t understand your instructions you will not receive any credit back.

Final Exam Option: the Final Exam will be optional for those who have taken all 3 exams at the regular, scheduled time and have an average of 70.0% or higher. If you submit corrections you will be giving up this option and the Final Exam will be required.


  • Read p. 523-529, Intro to Multiple Regression




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