Exam 2

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Part 1: Take Home

Due: Wed, Oct 21


Like Exam 1, the last digit of your PID determines your data set.


You have been hired by a large Solar Energy company to identify the best locations in the United States to build solar arrays for energy production using the Cloudy Days data set.

  • Summarize the data set with appropriate descriptive statistics
  • Illustrate the data set with appropriate graphics
  • Calculate Z-Scores for every city/location in your data set and then identify the city/location with Z-Score closest to -2, -1, 0, 1 and 2 (5 city/locations with their corresponding Z-Scores)
  • Calculate the probability of randomly selecting a city less cloudy than Pueblo.
  • Calculate the probability of randomly selecting a city more cloudy than Denver.
  • Calculate the probability of randomly selecting a city between Pueblo and Denver.
  • Estimate the mean number of cloudy days for all of the United States (hint: the population) and produce confidence intervals for your estimate at 95% confidence and at 90% confidence (2 separate sets of interval estimates).

Executive Summary:

  • Write a 1 page paper summarizing your analysis and providing recommendations for locating solar array installations.

Bring a print copy of your analysis and the 1 Page Executive Summary to the in-class exam on Wed Oct 21. 

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  1. Frank Whatley / October 19, 2015 at 12:26 pm / Reply

    Prof. Holman, I won’t be in class today as I just found out my mother has cancer. She has had it before but now its in stage four. I am going to see her now. I do have a question about the home test. You want us to estimate the mean for the whole US and our hint was the population. I don’t understand what you mean. Can you explain that to me, I would appreciate it. I will be in class for the test on Wednesday.

    Thank you, Frank.

    P.S. I check my e-mail regularly.

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