Lesson 9: Solving Normal Curve Problems

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Wed, Oct 7



  • Percentile rank in XL Miner
  • More Normal Curve Probability Problems
  • Reverse Z-Table Calculations


  • Recent GMAT Scores are normally distributed with a mean = 545.6 with a std dev = 121.1
  • What GMAT score would you need to be in the 95th Percentile? How about the 5th Percentile?
  • Your dream is to attend the MBA program at Stanford University where the average GMAT score is 720. What percentage of test takers score higher than 720 on the GMAT?
  • After learning the cost of tuition and housing at Stanford you decide to change your dream and, instead, target the University of Oregon where they have one of the very top programs in Sports Marketing and Management. At Oregon, the average GMAT score is 627. What percentile score will you need to be above average at Oregon?
  • What percentage of students achieve a score between the average at Oregon and Stanford?


Use the Foreign Per Diem (FPD) rate data set to answer the following questions.

  • What percent of FPD rates are below the rate in Cairo?
  • What percent of FPD rates are above the rate in Tokyo?
  • What percent of FPD rates are between Cairo and Tokyo?

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  2. Frank Whatley / October 12, 2015 at 11:13 am / Reply

    Prof. Holman, I won’t be in class today as my back went out on me, I will try and make it back on Wednesday. I will get my homework all caught up by then.

    Thank you, Frank.

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