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Here’s my recap and take on the final seconds.

Final score 27-24. Cats win but very controversial finish. Bell rings blue. šŸ™

Bullshit. Refs wind the clock and time expires on the Bulldogs. Dog coaches throwing hats and yelling at the refs. Refs sprint off the field.

Pass complete! Plus penalty for late hit. Dog 1st and goal!

Dogs spike the ball to stop clock. 16 seconds.

1st down at the 32. 18 seconds

Why do they roll left everytime? 3rd down.

Dogs at Cats 42.

42 seconds to play

Dogs ball!

Ranson keeper is close. Measuring.

4th down. Cats call time out. 4th and 3. I don’t think they will punt.

3rd and 6. Gotta to have a stop.

1:42 on the clock. 2nd down and 9 for Cats.

Onside kick fails. Cats ball at the 50.

Refs picked up the flag. Cats lead 27-24. 1:48 left.

PAT good but flag down.

Touchdown Bulldogs!

Incomplete pass. 3rd and goal.

2nd and goal from the 7. QB keeper loses 3. 1:59 to play. Time out Dogs.

Dogs have 1st and goal at the 4.

Centennial side half empty but it ain’t over yet.

Dogs driving. At the 25. Only 3 min to play.

Another rollout left pass off balance. Pass interference by Dogs to prevent INT.

Another horrible kick. Dogs ball on the 50.

Ranson throws a nice fade to the corner for a TD. PAT good. Cats 27-17.

Cats have 4th and goal from the 8.

4:51 to play

1st and goal Cats.

Terrible outside containment. Cats rumble to the 26.

After return and face mask penalty Cats takeover at midfield.

6:26 to go in the game.

PAT good. Cats 20-17.

Touchdown Bulldogs!

Pass complete downfield. 1st down from Cats 11.

Dogs ball on Cats 40.

Central fans getting cocky.

Ugh. Half back pass underthrown and picked off by Cats at the 12.

1st down in Cats territory.

4th and short. Dogs will go for it.

End of Q3. Cats 20-10. Dogs ball at 46. 2nd and 5.

Cats fumble and Dogs recover! Dogs at the 28.

Cats ball on the 47.

Dogs throw a pick and looks like a late hit by Dogs.

3rd and long for Dogs

Complete pass to the Cats 42.

Dogs get a much needed 1st down. Ball at 34.

Dogs D can’t contain Ranson. He scores again and PAT is good. Cats lead 20-10.

Cats have 1st and goal from the 10.

Ranson breaks another long run. Cats at the 40.

Dogs punt. It’s perfect and downed on the 1 yd line.

Central tries another onside kick. Dogs ball on the 48.

Ranson runs 55 yds for a TD. Missed PAT. Cats up 13-10.

Cat ball on 39.

2nd half about to start. Bulldogs kicking off.

Halftime. Dogs 10-7.

Ranson out just 1 play. Cats have 3rd and long. 23 seconds left. Ball at midfield.

Cats at midfield. Ranson hit hard while passing. Still down. 44 seconds left in half.

Cats ball on 35.

It’s good! Dogs now on top 10-7.

4th and goal. Dogs to attempt FG.

Holding call negates TD.

1st and goal! Dogs going up tempo!

Dogs have 4th and 1 on the 11. Palumbo calls time out. Almost lost another fumble with QB trying to take back handoff.

Pass complete! Dogs driving.

Dogs sack Ransom! Dogs ball on 41.

Cats punter is so bad I think they’re going for it. Cats time out.

Dogs dodge a bullet. Long completion by Cats negated by penalty. 4th and 7.

Fumble. Cats recover. QB and RB terrible exchange.

Cats punter sucks. Dogs ball on the 45.

4th down. Cats in punt formation.

Time out. Cats 3rd and 4 from their own 8 yd.

Cats 1st down from their own 1 yd!

We’re tied. 7-7 w 11:50 to go in Q2.

Touchdown Bulldogs!

End of Q1. Cats 7-0. Dogs 3rd and 5 from the 9 yd.

Long pass complete at 12 yd. Dogs threatening.

Cats try onside kick? Weird. Dogs 1st down on 45 yd line.

Picture perfect throw from Ransom. 7-0 Cats. WR couldn’t have been more open.

Bulldog injured. 2:43 left in Q1. No score. Cats have 2nd and 11 from the 17 yd line.

Ransom breaks a long run. Cats in the red zone.

Dogs 3 and out. Another punt. Central 1st and 10 at their 11.

No score. 5:58 left in Q1

4th down. Terrible punt. Dogs take over in Cat territory.

Dogs punt. Central ball on own 10.

Bulldogs driving. In Cats territory. 1st 10 from the 42.

Kickoff! Bulldogs 1st down from the 6 yd line.


Pre kickoff. Beautiful evening. 69 degrees and breezy. New scoreboard is spectacular.

I’m going to try postingĀ liveĀ from the game. Check back @ 7pm for updates.


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