Exam 1: Take Home (Part 1)

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Part 1 – Take Home Instructions

Due date: Wed Sep 16th

Download: GDP-Fertility Data

The last digit of your PID determines which column of data you will use for the exam. If your PID ends in 3 your assigned column is “Dataset 3”. If your PID ends in 4 your assigned column is “Dataset 4”. And so on.

Your assigned column has either a 1 or a 0 in each row. You will include each Country listed with a 1 in your assigned column. Please omit the countries with a 0.

Each country is part one of 3 Regions: (1) the Americas, (2) Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and (3) Asia Pacific. Use the “Filter” or “Sort” feature to separate your countries by region.


You will analyze the relationship between GDP Per Capita (x) and Total Fertility Rate (y) for each of the three regions separately. So, you must complete the following steps 3 times, once for each region.

  1. Create a Scatter plot
  2. Calculate SSxx, SSyy and SSxy
  3. Calculate the Pearson Correlation Coefficient (r)
  4. Calculate the slope (b1) and the y-intercept (b0) to produce a linear equation: ý = b0 + b1*x
  5. Calculate ý for each x along with residuals (y – ý)
  6. Create a Residual Plot
  7. Create an Actual vs Predicted plot
  8. Calculate SSE  ∑(y – ý)^2
  9. Calculate r-squared (r^2)
  10. Display the results of your analysis on one, AND ONLY ONE, page.

Executive Summary

After completing your analysis for ALL THREE regions, write a 1 page “Executive Summary” describing the results of your analysis and the similarities/differences between regions. What story are the data telling you?

Print Copy

In total, you will prepare 4 pages (no more than 5) and submit a print copy in class on Wed Sep 16th. Print copies should be well organized, neat and easy to read. You may use Google Sheets or Excel to complete the analysis. You may also complete the work by hand if you prefer. Either way, appearance, legibility and written communication all count. If your report is sloppy or difficult to read your grade will suffer.



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