Lesson 2: Scatter Plots

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Wed, Aug 26


  • Syllabus
  • Textbook
  • Blog set-up
  • Twitter account and blog link tweet
  • Google Sheets


– Scatter Plots


  • Choose 10 countries from these Fertility-GDP data (from the CIA World Factbook)
  • Record the Total Fertility rate and GDP – Per Capita for each of the 10 countries you selected. For example, in Mexico the Total Fertility rate is 2.29 and GDP per capita is $15,600.
  • Create a scatter plot by hand (plot Fertility on the x-axis and GDP on the y-axis)


  • Recreate your scatter plot using Google Sheets
    • Post the scatter plot to your blog
    • Tweet a link to your scatter plot blog post
  • Textbook reading for Mon: p. 471-474, Correlation


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