Final Grades

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Use the last four digits of your PID to look up grades in the table below.

  • PID: “P” + last four digits of your PID
  • Quiz: Grade for all Map-related tests
  • Present: Grade for Oral Presentations
  • Exam: Grade for the Exam taken in lieu of Oral Presentations
  • Paper: Grade for Research Paper (includes Proposal and Draft 1 grades)
  • Final Grade: Your overall grade for the course.
PID Quiz Present Exam Paper Final Grade
P0023 C 95% B B
P0111 B 71% B B
P0214 A 90% B A
P0600 A 95% A A
P0815 A 71% A A
P1114 B 86% A A
P1541 B 75% B B
P1559 C 75% B B
P1661 B 90% B B
P1912 B 85% C B
P2040 B 95% A A
P2432 A 92% A A
P2787 A 90% A A
P2847 C 65% C C
P4085 C 70% B B
P4101 B 90% A A
P4104 A 79% B B
P4431 A 80% B A
P4570 C 63% C C
P4638 B 59% B B
P4779 A 69% B B
P4822 B 75% B B
P4993 A 86% A A
P5062 B 81% A A
P5304 A 76% B A
P6126 B 60% C C
P6295 A 85% A A
P6397 A 95% A A
P7121 B 85% C B
P7136 A 87% B A
P7982 B 80% B B
P8183 C 70% D C
P8997 B 48% B C
P9388 A 80% A A
P9779 B 72% C C


Please email with any questions. Thank you for a great semester!

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