Lesson 11

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Wed, Feb 25


  • Multiple Regression in Excel, Google Sheets


  • t-test: significance of regression coefficients
  • F-test: significance of overall model


  • Read Section 12.7 p. 495-500 Test of Slope and Test of Overall Model (Simple Regression)
  • Read Section 13.2 p. 531-533 Significance tests for Overall Model and Regression Coefficients
  • Calculate the t test of slope and F-test of Overall Model for the 3 linear regression models produced in Exam 1, part 1 (i.e., calculate t and F for the Americas, EMEA, and AsiaPac models)
  • Determine the t test statistics for each coefficient in the Database problems assigned in Lesson 10.
  • Determine the F-statistic for each model produced in the Database problems assigned in Lesson 10.


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