Initial Tutor Session

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There was a mix up today with the first tutoring session. See below.

From: Watts, Lucas D.
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 6:11 PM
To: Holman, Justin O
Subject: Group Tutoring Session

Dr. Holman,

There was some confusion regarding the timing of the group tutoring session I am supposed to lead on Wednesdays. My understanding was that the session was from 6-8 but it is actually from 4-6 so I missed it today. My apologies. Tell the students that I apologize and I will be there next Wednesday at the regular time of 4-6 but if they need me this week or earlier, to call me or text me. You can give them my number if anyone wants it. 9705568036. Again, sorry for the mix up!

Lucas Watts

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