John Seme: A True Pueblo Hero

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Pueblo is known as the Home of Heroes, referring to Pueblo’s four Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. Here’s a brief tribute to one of Pueblo’s mightiest unsung heroes.

During my time at Centennial High School I was lucky enough to become friends with John Seme. After high school, John became involved in Pueblo’s youth football programs and dedicated his entire adult life to coaching and mentoring Pueblo’s young aspiring athletes. I’m pretty sure coaching middle school football doesn’t earn the big dollar figures paid to high-profile college coaches so John was clearly in it for love of his players and love of the game. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer he continued to coach on the field, inspiring many people along the way with his dedication and perseverance. He also coached on a more profound level off the field, by sharing round-by-round updates on his fight to stay alive.

What an amazing coach, not just to his football players, but to every one of us who can only hope to face the end of life with comparable courage and dignity. Godspeed, Coach Seme.


(scanned image of obituary printed in the Pueblo Chieftain, August 6, 2014)


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