The Apprentice

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The last person I want to emulate is Donald Trump but I’m in the market for an Apprentice.


Through my blog I hear from dozens of recent graduates who are looking for an opportunity to gain experience in the GIS industry. Well, here’s your chance.

This is a very unique proposition; it won’t work for everyone. But, maybe it’s perfect for you?

The Opportunity: what’s in it for you

  • GIS/geography research internship
  • $500 per month stipend
  • 1-bedroom apartment with all utilities provided
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with me, at least 1 hour every 2 weeks
  • Opportunity to learn spatial statistics, GIS programming, cartography, etc.
  • Opportunity to learn software development
  • Opportunity to learn real estate investing and property management
  • Opportunity to develop business acumen and gain general business experience
  • My assistance applying to grad school or conducting a job search
  • Possibility of regular, full-time salaried position at the end of 1 year

The Work: what you have to do in return

  • Live in Pueblo
  • Work 40 hours per week doing a variety of tasks including working as a clerk in my liquor store, completing basic handyman/repair tasks, landscaping and/or various other miscellaneous retail or property maintenance work depending on your skills.
  • Complete GIS/geography research projects
  • Provide your own laptop
  • Take responsibility for getting the most out of the opportunity; don’t expect me to hold your hand every day.

The Application: what to do if you’re interested

  1. Connect with me on LinkedIn
  2. Send me a message (use LinkedIn messaging or my Contact Form below) indicating your interest in the “Apprentice” position with a link to your profile.

That’s it! Please share this with anyone and everyone who may be interested!





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